Hank Parker Cmere Deer Attractant


Check out the products in the "Hank Parker 3D" store. The Parkers use these products when they are out in the field.

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  • 1-15 of 35 Items.

Swhacker Broadheads

"There's an archery revolution; bows are getting faster and faster but with your broadhead, what you cut is what you get. The Swhacker Broadhead is the answer to the faster bows!" - Hank Parker

When you try the Swhacker broadhead, you will see what makes it different from all of the other broadheads. With two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, the Swhacker will cut through hide, bones and anything else standing between you and that monster trophy.

C'Mere Deer

Turbo charge your hunt with C'Mere Deer - The Revolutionary Deer Attractant! Deer hunters everywhere have used C'Mere Deer products and the results speak for themselves. What makes C'Mere Deer products so effective in increasing deer movement and activity is due to the extensive field research conducted before any new C'Mere Deer product is released to deer hunters.

C'Mere Deer takes the approach of creating deer attractants that utilize botanicals synthesized from food sources craved by deer and other herbivores throughout the year. This results in C'Mere Deer offering deer hunters a full line of attractants that produce results whether it is an early-season bow hunt or post-rut rifle hunt in the dead of winter.

Hank Parker Products

Featuring a signature color combination, the Plano Hank Parker Tackle Bag is available in two sizes and offers an organized, space-saving storage solution. Also, check out the limited-edition Hank Parker Signature Knife produced by Virginia Blade.